Wednesday, September 28, 2005

MySQL 5.0

I just read that MySQL 5.0 is now available from Jeff Nolan's excellent SAP Ventures Blog. It is pretty impressive. Stored procedures/functions, triggers, views, archive storage, and a data dictionary start to make this look like a real enterprise-class player. Open Source software continues to make impressive in-roads into the enterprise software market. I wonder whether it is ready to be the engine of an enterprise-size data warehouse.

Combine MySQL with the emerging products proliferating from a number of open-source BI vendors (e.g., Pentaho, BIRT, OpenI), and you start to question why customers would want pay large amounts of money for most of the same functionality they can download off of SourceForge. I don't think we're quite there yet, but two years from now, the major players are going to have to come up with products of demonstrably higher value than what they offer now if they hope to compete with where Open Source BI software is going.

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  1. Excellent point. Look for everything to go open source that is:

    - Technology drive (as against business applications driven)
    - Mature concept
    - Excites those who live to code

    Interesting, as everyone has been saying open source is not "free". There are many companies (include MySQL) that are making good money off open source software.

    In essence though - open source is inexpensive software. How many companies in the world who want to maintain their own database software, even if they get the source for the same?