Monday, November 06, 2006

SAP is the market leader in Analytic Applications!

It is with great delight that I announce what we have known for quite some time internally: SAP is the market leader in Analytic Applications according to IDC. To further extend our leadership, we also announced the GA of our xApp Analytic composites, which allow customers for the first time to realize the promise of combining transactional and analytical information in the context of a business process to facilitate decision-making.

In parallel with this announcement, we also had two announcements on the infrastructure side: on the BI platform side, entitled SAP Reports Significant Market Share Gain in Business Intelligence, which details the great improvements we’ve made on the infrastructure side and our customers’ successes with NetWeaver BI 2004s and NetWeaver Business Intelligence Accelerator, and on the MDM side, entitled SAP Leads Product Information Management Market Worldwide, that articulates SAP’s leadership in the Product Information Management market. From the combination of these announcements, it should be clear that SAP is clearly serious about the Business Intelligence and Performance Management market and have numerous customer successes to prove it.