Tuesday, September 20, 2005

An Introduction to Nenshad

Hi, my name is Nenshad, and I'm finally joining the blog world. I have no idea how much I will get to write on a weekly basis, but I figured I would give it a shot. I have a huge diversity of interests: Aesthetics, Artificial Intelligence, Audio Engineering, Comparative Religion, Composition, Cognitive Psychology, Cognitive Science, Computer Science, Consciousness, Databases, Evolutionary Psychology, Expert Systems, Fuzzy Logic, Data Mining and Data Visualization, Developmental Biology, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Guitar, Information Architecture, Jazz, Mathematics, Neural Networks, Operating Systems, Philosophy of Science, Physics, Social Psychology,Statistics,Support Vector Machines, Technology Product Strategy, Zoroastrianism.

I'm a Senior Product Marketing Manager at
Hyperion Solutions, Inc., in Santa Clara, California. My focus is Business Intelligence technologies, although I have worked on a lot of intersecting enterprise software technology areas as well, especially CRM, thanks to my erstwhile employer, Siebel Systems, Inc. I'm also soon to be a dad in December 2005. I am really excited and pretty frightened at the same time, but I think that is natural. Finally, I am an avid musician, although you wouldn't know it from my practice habits these past few years. I've played guitar and percussion for over twenty years and even foolheartedly recorded a jazz CD where I played all of the instruments myself.

I will try to touch on many of them at various times in my blog's evolution. Comments, especially those of the inciteful variety, are welcomed. Let's get this show on the road.

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