Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Existing Oracle Customers Get More Confused: When should they use Sunopsis, Oracle Warehouse Builder, Informatica, or Ascential?

Oracle announced that it would be acquiring Sunopsis, a data integration vendor with solid products. Well, you can't fault Oracle for giving their customers choices! Existing Oracle customers already had THREE SEPARATE ETL tools that they had to use with Oracle products even BEFORE this acquisition:

  • existing ETL technologies of Oracle Warehouse Builder which they just made a big deal about how they had enhanced significantly in their latest release. Guess it couldn't have been THAT good.
  • existing OEM relationship they have with Informatica that they inherited from Siebel Analytics.
  • existing OEM relationship they have with Ascential that they inherited from PeopleSoft.

And now, Sunopsis. So for Oracle customers who owned PeopleSoft HCM, and Siebel CRM, and Oracle ERP, what should they use for their data integration needs? Contrast this with SAP, who has pursued an organic growth strategy and has one set of data integration tools for our applications across the entire enterprise. NetWeaver Business Intelligence includes sophisticated ETL capabilities that support analytic applications in every major horizontal: CRM, HCM, FIN, SCM, SRM, and PLM. With over 12,000 installations, and referenceable customers in every vertical we must be doing something right.

So, thank you, Oracle for continuing to give customers a reason to take the Safe Passage to SAP. We look forward to you acquiring even more companies that overlap directly with your existing assets and continue to confuse your installed base.

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