Thursday, October 29, 2009

"Driven to Perform" Podcast with Jon Reed - EPM, GRC, and the Future of SAP in a SaaS World

Jon Reed is a guru on the subject of SAP implementation skills and runs a great site called Jon Reed on SAP Consulting.  He has been deservedly recognized for his contributions by SAP by being nominated as an SAP mentor.  We got together to do podcast on a wide variety of subjects, including the motivation and methodology behind Driven to Perform: Risk-Aware Performance Management From Strategy Through Execution, how SAP's EPM and GRC offerings fulfill the vision behind the book, and the skills necessary to implement the products.  The conversation then turned to a topic that is hot on everyone's minds:  the hype versus reality of SaaS and how SAP is responding to this important trend.  You can download the podcast here or go to this page to read a fairly thorough transcript of the discussion that Jon was kind enough to create, which I would encourage anyone interested in these subjects to do.  I hope you enjoy it!  Let me know your feedback in the comments.

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  1. Nenshad, thanks for your good words. I felt strongly that this was one of the most important podcasts I have released to date, out of the 60 or so that are out there now.

    The reason is because of your well-thought view of the impact of SaaS in SAP environments - a vitally important topic for those with a stake in SAP or who are interested in SaaS-based innovation.

    Also, the first half of the podcast was a great chance to get your view of GRC and EPM skills, something I had also not yet covered. I hope that folks appreciate how useful it is to get skills insights from someone who not only had firsthand involvement with acquisition of some of these products, but who has an underlying methodology to support his views.

    To me, tools come and go. Being able to frame skills and technology direction in the context of an overall vision that you have created is what makes a real thought leader. And a great podcast guest!

    Also: for those who didn't get enough of the podcast, I wrote a longer article on some of these topics and your book as a whole that will be out in ERPtips soon. We will have a link here when it's ready.

    Jon Reed